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28.02.2008 - farewell!

It's a sad day, but it can't be changed: Today will close down forever. What is/was stage6 you ask? Why so I write about it here?

Well, stage6 is something like youtube, only good. And by good I mean really good. You were able to up- and download high quality movies (even HD was common there!) for free with awesome speed. It helped you discover animations of other artists that could either inspire you or simply let you stare at the computer screen in awe of the extraordinary skills and quality shown there. You were even able to embed stage6 videos on your website which I myself did quite frequently, for example the video tutorials or the featured movies. But that's all gone now.

Fortunately when I bought the webspace for this homepage I got a traffic lat, so now you can watch the movies from my server still, but I think it was more comfortable when it was all on stag... Anyway, thank you guys at stage6 for this lovely year and a half I spent with you, and maybe you even reconsider your decision...

But until then it's back to youtube and terrible video quality :(

15.01.2008 - getting linked

Wow... You would not believe what happened today: I got more than 1500 visitors in a single day! And all that thanks to who linked to my "Die Axt"-Animation. This means that almost 1400 people came to this website for the sole purpose of watching my work, and they rated it a 4.1 out of 5, which makes me very proud.

Of course I am aware that the good reviews and votes are because of the funny song in the background, but still: Not a single person said anything bad about my animation, they just accepted it as... well... part of the song, and by that they basicaly say that it looks just as an animation is supposed to look like, it's nothing special, but nothing inferior either, so they just accept it. I had always thought that my first animation would be very bad indeed, but apparently this is not so, and thus I am of course proud of what I have done.

Although the last month has been extremely exhausting, I have now through the praise and acceptance of my work found the strength again to work on my 3D skills, and it is you who profits from that, for this means more free Maya tutorials, objects, scenes and so forth.

10.01.2008 - About this website

Those few of you who have been with this website from the start surely have noticed the many changes we have undergone since the first launch. Altogether you might describe this current version of the page as version 3, this means 3 different versions of the same website within two months. But I think that now finally most of the technical and legal issues are resolved and not it’s time for content creation.

At this point I would like to thank the members of the 3D buzz community for their support, suggestions and praise :o) I don’t think I could have created this website without you guys!

Well, now that everything is ready it’s time to think about what’s to come. As soon as I have my “Die Axt” project finished I will hopefully release a lot of useful tutorials for all kinds of experience levels. I also want to continue the “Getting Started with Maya” series, for I think that this may help a lot of people. Along the way, new objects will be available of course, and shaders as well. I am also planning on reintroducing the “Reference material”-section along with the “Textures”-section when I have got the time for it.

I will also try to create a community system where you can upload your own material to this website, but that’s still some time away I am afraid.

Also I plan on posting 3D news on this website that do not only deal with Maya, but with CG in general.

I am also thinking of creating a reviews section for animation movies (reviews will be focused on the CG-aspect of course), but that’s still quite far away.

At the moment I am focusing on creating new tutorials and also on link building, for of course I would like to see as many people as possible on this website as possible. If you would like to help me with link building and have a website, which would benefit both this and your website, please contact me!

Well, that’s it for the moment; stay tuned for lots of new free Maya material


Do you want to be a 3D artist? Do you want to create virtual worlds on your private computer? It?s easy, once you get the concept, but until then many beginners have long given up. For all those of you who don?t want to experience said fate, I just discovered a great article by Leigh van der Byl, called ?So You Want To Be A 3D Artist??. You can download it here. It?s the first article in the General Articles section. I highly suggest you read it before you start doing anything else, for it may save you a whole lot of time and nerves!


So, this is going to be the very first blog-entry... gotta try if it works or not, you know ;-)
I just discovered a great free online-magazine on It seems to be more or less monthly... The magazine features almost anything you could think of, from tutorials to news, from downloadable content to beautyful images that may serve as an inspiration. Check it out, it's free ;-)

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28.11.2010: An all new videotutorial is up and running (3 parts so far): The Domino Effect (Dynamics) 2