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Free Autodesk Maya Tutorials: Dynamics and Effects Tutorials

The Domino Effect (Dynamics) 2: Part 001 (videotutorial)

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a more advanced Dominoeffect than in the first Domino - Effect tutorial. However, I suggest you read that one first though, for it will offer insight into the basic principles of what we are doing.

The following is an embedded youtube-video. Select the highest possible quality (720p), or you won't be able to see clearly what I am doing. Also, you might want to watch it in fullscreen. And last: Have fun, and sorry for my English ;-)

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Added: 2010-11-28 by Lollylan

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Latest update

28.11.2010: An all new videotutorial is up and running (3 parts so far): The Domino Effect (Dynamics) 2